Potential Itinerary

June 17th (early early in the morn!) – June 20th
Hong Kong, where I will spend a few days exploring, and possibly be shown around town by one of Ian’s close friends.

June 21-July 7
Backpacking with Adam
(What’s more patriotic for American Independence than backpacking around SE Asia with little direction and no obligations??)
– Laos
– Vietnam
– Borneo?? It’s a little out of the way, but my friend Adam who I will be traveling with has heard great things, and apparently there’s a fascinating history of land management….

July 8-Aug 5
Volunteering and studying Mandarin in Kunming, details to come



Ni Hao!

For several reasons I still don’t understand, I’ve decided to go to China. As they say, some folks look for answers/ others look for fights/some folks up in treetops, just look to see the sights 😉

June 15th, I’ll fly into Hong Kong to spend a few days, and then I’ll go from there. Likely first destinations include Vietnam, Laos, and Malaysia, which I’ve heard really good things about in terms of tourism, but my ultimate goal is to experience parts of East Asia through the eyes of a volunteer/nomad. So, I will begin in Kunming in the Yunnan province in China and see where it takes me.

In short, it feels good to keep on moving.