Night of 1,000 Tables

I am finally starting to understand and speak some Hebrew. Today, I succeeded in ordering burekasand making small chit-chat tonight without the stand’s proprietor switching into English as they usually do the moment I open my mouth. I also understood my yoga teacher when she instructed us in Hebrew to do downward dog with our backs “more straight.” Waved hello to the rosewater malabi man and received a smile of recognition. Granted, that takes no Hebrew skills, but it means I’m a now a familiar face on the main drag of Jaffa! Continue reading

Quick Snippet

Everybody in Israel is constantly asking what’s happening, and if you are okay. It’s like having an entire country of Jewish mothers. Everywhere you turn, “Ma nishma? At beseder? Ha kol beseder? Mah koreh?” They’ll ask you three times in a row, too, or just to fill a silence. Though it’s off-putting at first (I just answered you for God’s sake, how can anything have changed in the past 5 seconds?!), it’s also comforting to know you’re not going to slip through any cracks unnoticed. Continue reading

Yalla Jaffa!

Whew. It’s been quite a ride already and it’s only been 2 weeks. My head has been swirling with thoughts, images, feelings and foreign phrases, and I haven’t had a free moment to make sense of them or connect the dots. Days have been flying by, and it seems that time has sped up such that I’ve lost track of the date. Until now. Continue reading