A Middle Eastern Christmas in Bethlehem

“On the night of Christmas, hatred will vanish. The Earth blooms. War is buried. Love is born.Where there is charity, God is to be Found.”

– Ubi Caritas

As I sit on Sulaiman’s cushy red couch, looking out at the pouring rain over the white brick and olive trees of Ramallah, I can recall a lovely Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, filled with excitement and a touch of sorrow… Continue reading


Whenever you’re feeling sorry for yourself, do something nice for others.

Tikkun Olam Coexistence Track 2011-2012

This week has not been the greatest. I’m in the middle of my penultimate month of my Tikkun Olam fellowship here in Israel, and I’m trying to stay in the moment even as I look toward the future. But sometimes, staying in the moment is easier said than done. For example, I haven’t gone to either of my 2 weekly yoga classes because I’ve been trying to use all my free time finishing the scholarship and job applications I’ve started in order to figure out what I’ll be doing come February. Ironically, though, not going to yoga has left me so stressed and unfocused that I have yet to finish one single application! Continue reading

Same Shit, Different Country…

Pomona College Protest: Terminated Undocumented Workers Chant ‘We’re Here And We’re Not Leaving’


I was incredibly saddened and angered to read last week that my beloved alma mater, Pomona College, was requiring all employees of the college with missing pieces from their files to provide documentation showing their legal right to work in the country. Now, they’ve fired 17 workers– some of whom have been beloved and loyal employees of the college for over 10 years. Continue reading

State of the Jew-nion. I mean… Union…?

“Shma Israel, Shma We are One.” 

A few more words on this Jewish state we’re in…

Jewish favoritism in Israeli policy and rhetoric may, or may not, be justified, but the reality is that it is just no match for the greater forces of globalization, mobilization, and love between peoples. While an ethnically Jewish state was once a noble (and, I’d argue, successful) philosophy, the times have changed. Trying to preserve a Jewish majority in the state of Israeli today via discriminatory immigration policies, expansive building beyond the green line in the West Bank, and withholding civil rights from non-Jewish peoples who live, work, and seek asylum within Israel’s borders is neither ethical nor realistic. It’s denial-politics. Continue reading