The pride and pain of being American

I loved watching this film clip about the history of the Gay Rights movement in America. Makes me proud of what our country’s done, and anxious to keep moving forward.


Peace, Drugs, and Education

The resilience of youth is incredible. I spent this morning discussing legalization of cannabis with a student for his “breaking stereotypes” project at Muzot High School for the arts. Ron is a passionate and sweet kid– he lives alone with his mother in Jaffa and clearly enjoys the “greener” side of things. His artistic talent got him accepted to Muzot after failing out of other high schools, but still the challenge of getting him to focus on academics through ADHD and dyslexia seems insurmountable at times to his teachers. Continue reading

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year, everyone!

In 2012, I’ve resolved to stop agonizing over decisions. Over the past few years since graduating college, I have finally learned that any decision can be the right one if you are determined to make the best of it without turning back. So while I’ll of course allow for flexibility and spontaneity should factors change, I will now be making decisions without weeks of flip-flopping and stressing out! Decision #1: Finishing Tikkun Olam in February and beginning a search for a full-time, paid job as a writer, advocate, and/or story-teller for a good cause! Continue reading