The Story of the Orange

File:Jaffa Oranges.jpg

Just watched an excellent documentary from Al Jazeera “Witness.” Interviews with Jewish and Arab Jaffa-ites who recount the history and political imagery of the world-famous Jaffa orange. Touches on environmental ethics, art history, Zionist narrative, colonial dispossession of land, and an Arab-Jewish citrus cooperative that falsifies the notion that Jaffa was always a divided city. Jaffa- The Orange’s Clockwork

Filmmaker: Eyan Sival

This film shows how Jaffa started out as a Palestinian place name before becoming an Israeli brand name and how the orange harvest shifted from being a joint undertaking into a symbol used by both parties in the conflict.

Archive film and photographs show how propaganda was used to erase the memory of a thriving place where Arabs and Jews worked together.

Art historians and political analysts talk about the images which are projected onto their walls, and elderly orange growers remember the time before their world was destroyed.

Please note that this film will only be available to watch online until March 15. 


Thoughts? Comments?

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