Haste Makes Waste

… and car accidents.



I Support Settlers?

Walking into a Bomb Shelter in Nitzan, home of the evacuated settlers from Gush Katif

No, I haven’t been brainwashed, and no I don’t support the settlements. But on the Perspectives trip I’ve just returned from, I have seen the humanity behind some of the political positions that previously seemed untenable and even abhorrent, here in Israel, Palestine, and everything in between. While I still find the settlements a blockage to peace with the Palestinians and a two-state solution, I have a newfound empathy for Jews who make their homes across the Green Line. Continue reading

The Struggle for Freedom Never Ends

The Kanofskys visit Jerusalem

Shalom and Chag Pesach Sameach! Spending Passover in Israel has been an interesting and introspective experience for me. My family is here visiting me, and I’ve taken a week off to spend time with them and reflect on my past 7 months in Israel. Click “read more” to see a little something I wrote for the BINA Passover newsletter… Continue reading