How much more could we be joyful?

There’s so much good in this world. And so many people to love. It’s something to meditate on. Writing feels fluid and good. I’ve forgotten about this outlet, and let the technology and the pressure estrange me from my voice for a time. But miraculously enough, I’m finally coming to terms with this high-tech world. First came denial, then resistance, then depression, then apathy… and finally, awakening and acceptance. Tech doesn’t have to rule our lives, we own it and it doesn’t own us so long as we use it consciously and in ways that bring us joy and connection. And make a living. Continue reading


“I was an outsider. Being a half-caste had the same effect in the East as in the West. Your face was subliminally unsettling to both races. Eyes brushed over you as if you did not quite count, you were an aberration, a blip that would be smoothed over by the next manifestly white or colored face that came into view. You were a curious mutation of the genes pool. But there was nothing diluted about being alive in these colors; you were not fifty-fifty, but two hundred percent alive; not a half-being, but a double being.”

I love this quote, from Mira Stout, author of One Thousand Chestnut Trees- A multigenerational novel about Korea.