How much more could we be joyful?

There’s so much good in this world. And so many people to love. It’s something to meditate on. Writing feels fluid and good. I’ve forgotten about this outlet, and let the technology and the pressure estrange me from my voice for a time. But miraculously enough, I’m finally coming to terms with this high-tech world. First came denial, then resistance, then depression, then apathy… and finally, awakening and acceptance. Tech doesn’t have to rule our lives, we own it and it doesn’t own us so long as we use it consciously and in ways that bring us joy and connection. And make a living.

I’m so lucky to have come on this Israel experience where I could get distance from my day to day grind. I’ve come to realize that technology can be fun, when done in buildings that have panoramic windows facing the sea, and I have the challenge of representing women in a field where they are so visibly underrepresented. I’ve found caring people, compassionate listeners and peacemakers at Hub Tel Aviv, where people gently glide between high-tech and high-touch. I’ve made so many friends at the Hub here, without actually being very connected to any of the work that anyone is doing. And I’ve gotten job offers, date proposals right and left. Life is abundant. She gives willingly when you are willing to receive, and don’t force things.

My love now flows out of me like liquid from a glass bottle that’s shattered on the pavement. Uncontrollably and limitlessly, speeding toward equilibrium. I love Niran, my friends, the people I meet on the street, even the rude bus drivers and misbehaved children at AJCC. I love the weak, the sick, the old, the young, the powerful, the powerless, and everyone in between. How did it happen that my heart flooded? I don’t know, but I don’t plan to put a stop in it. Because it is replenished like the overflowing cup of wine on Shabbat.


Thoughts? Comments?

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