Missing Israel

I’m signing up for so many volunteer things I may as well be back in Israel. The truth is I moved to LA in a bit of an unnecessary rush, such that I don’t think I fully wrapped my mind around what I’d be getting into (nor did I know) when I made the decision to “pursue my career” by leaving Israel. Now, what on Earth?


I don’t know if I’m romanticizing my time in Jaffa (probably), or if I took my freedom of schedule and worries for granted (definitely), but somehow I’m here in LA and I keep shaking my head trying to get a grip like, Sam, what were you thinkin girl? Continue reading


10 Things I Disliked About Living In Israel

This post is inspired by Moriel Rothman’s “10 Things I Really Like About Living in Israel.” I read Moriel’s blog each week religiously, for the honest and reflective quality with which he presents his experiences as an activist for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine, but I have to admit it was a fresh of breath air to read his most recent piece. Continue reading