Jaffa Part II: The Sea


The Mediterranean is unlike any other sea in the world. Its seductive allure is only outmatched by its sedative properties. One dip into the silvery depths and you’re instantly buoyant, facing up toward the sky and pondering why you ever joined the rat race to begin with. Tel Aviv was born alongside the Mediterranean, forged from the sand and sweat of Arab and Jewish labor in a century untouched by digital mapping such that her growth was guided only by the hand-sketched plans of pioneers and the dreams of immigrants. Continue reading


Jaffa: An Essay


One month after returning to America, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jaffa. I was living in Los Angeles and working amongst media and tech fanatics. At first, the speed with which I had dropped back into the fast-paced life of starting up again excited me, but eventually it wore off and I began to feel lonely and fucked up. I yearned for Jaffa. Continue reading