Declaration of my Independence

This is my declaration of my independence

From the definition of American

As a beer drinking, gas-guzzling, Iraq-bombing, womanizing

Fraternity brother.

Who is a sexist, racist, anti-immigrant,

Country-music-listening, truck-driving

Emotion-suppressing aggressive hedonistic

And disengaged human being.

No, I declare my American identity

As an imaginative, hard-working, story-telling

Female entrepreneur, Social-justice-demanding student-sister,

Traveling Egalitarian, Great-granddaughter of immigrants.

Grateful-dead-listening idealist,

Environmentalist, minimalist, conscious-eater.

Mountain-climbing, bike-riding, tofu-eating,

Blue-grass-loving, festival-going, party-animal.

I am Asian-American. Jewish. A wanderer.

Anti-racist, feminist, pro-immigrant, pro-choice

Semi-socialist, Anti-imperialist (anti- Cultural-imperialist)

Pioneering, Protesting, and pro-peace.

I am a Major-leage-baseball-loving

Yoga practicing, smart-phone-addicted

Non-hair-dying, small breasted, liberal and patriotic American.

Proud to fight for the freedoms that define me and the future generations.

Happy 4th of July everyone, here’s to the freedom to define yourself.Image


One comment

  1. Wow! Sammy, you never cease to amaze me. You are so deep. I just love your declaration. And I love you. Nanny

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