Wed Oct 31 11:13pm New York


The last two and a half weeks have been surreal. I can’t believe I “live” in New York now, because… well, I don’t. I float around New York as if in a daze, lighting upon food and trinkets and trees in wonder and delight and confusion. Today, I eat lunch at a Vietnamese hole in the wall called Lotus, with my new friend Lucas—someone who interns at 826NYC and StoryCorps. We exchange stories from the upscale food industry and discuss oral history. He advises me to visit the “Cloisters” and tells me about the scandals behind Prospect Park and its architect Frederick Olmsted. We scarf down our banh mi sandwiches (mine mild on white baguette, his eye-watering spicy on whole wheat) and go off for a brisk walk in the park amongst the leaves and fallen trees until a municipal official, clearing debris, orders us out. Continue reading


Sentiments on Sandy

I’m a little concerned at the particular way in which we’ve all been watching the news, trolling every weather site for new photos and videos of sensational storm coverage. Though initially it comes from a place of concern and awareness, it can also border on selfish– as if we’re using serious damage and danger for entertainment. I know it’s “exciting” to be in the middle of things—I felt the same way, with the whole country’s attention on New York (to which I’ve recently relocated)… Receiving text messages and emails of concern every five minutes from friends and family around the world is actually quite touching, and shows genuine care in a way that we don’t often grant one another. Continue reading