About Samantha


Currently based in Brooklyn, Samantha Kanofsky is a freelance journalist, blogger, environmentalist, and community organizer. After visiting Israel and Palestine in college, she became active with innovative interfaith partnerships for peace and justice in the region, including studying at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and volunteering with under-served Arab and Jewish populations in Jaffa-Tel Aviv. She has also been actively engaged with natural disaster relief work, service learning travel, social enterprise, and storytelling for early-stage startups. Her worldview is informed by her multi-cultural Jewish-Korean background, impatience with technological-dependency, and love of sharing smiles with strangers. When she’s not writing, you can find her hiking, watching baseball, hanging out with kids, or listening to the Grateful Dead.

Email samantha-dot-kanofsky@gmail.com

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  1. Dear Samantha! Just stumbled upon your blog (NOT on Tumblr) and thought I’d say hello. Can’t wait to read more, but liked what I’ve perused so far. Remember the letter of recommendation I wrote for your college application? I found it the other day, and geez, it is so very predictive of your present life. Rather nice to see, actually, for even then, I forsaw a thrilling future for you. And here it is. Say hello to Lyndsey when you see her in Brooklyn, and don’t forget always to use Spellcheck. Love from your former English 2 Honors teacher.

  2. Thanks Ms. G! I do remember that letter, though I don’t think I have a copy. You were always my favorite teacher. It’s in large part in thanks to you that I even write at all. Hope you’re well, and thanks for reading 🙂

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