Five Important Lessons Learned as a Freelancer

  1. Don’t even think about trying to start your day without coffee… Yes, it’s cliché, expensive, and addictive, but trust me: if you want to get started on something creative anytime before 1pm, caffeine is always the answer. Just make sure you don’t make the mistake of combining it with intense stress or cardio, if you want to avoid paralyzing anxiety or a pre-geriatric heart attack. (Yes, I’ve been there… It’s not pretty.)                        Image                        (courtesy of the Oatmeal) Continue reading

Act with Confidence

The Hub San Francisco: Co-working at its finest.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and network. Act with confidence, because once you make one connection, the network grows exponentially. Most people are willing to sit and meet with you, and dying to be asked for advice.

Night of 1,000 Tables

I am finally starting to understand and speak some Hebrew. Today, I succeeded in ordering burekasand making small chit-chat tonight without the stand’s proprietor switching into English as they usually do the moment I open my mouth. I also understood my yoga teacher when she instructed us in Hebrew to do downward dog with our backs “more straight.” Waved hello to the rosewater malabi man and received a smile of recognition. Granted, that takes no Hebrew skills, but it means I’m a now a familiar face on the main drag of Jaffa! Continue reading